The meaning of one smile: how important it is to share good news

It is very important to share “little” good news – and no less important to be able to meet them with warmth, responding with words of support to the revelation of a friend, colleague or family member. Especially if, due to life circumstances, they take care of sick and needing. Communications specialist in the medical and social spheres of Zakhari White – about the great sense of “small” events.

Ordinary day, ordinary bustle. And suddenly something important happens. That which can replace a whole conversation. We exchange smiles with a loved one.

The significance of this event can understand the one who raises a child with a difficult diagnosis – when for the first time at the age of three years the baby smiles at his mother. Who cares for a father dying of cancer. The one who visits the husband in an accident in the hospital. Or those who work or come to the hospice, hospitals, a baby or elderly ..

Mutual smile is amazing and pleasant. It is important, and it is it that we take with us per day, full of experiences and deeds. It is she who gives us a sense of intimacy.

Emotions overwhelm us, and there is a desire to share them with someone: with a friend, partner, parent, colleague. We want to tell good news. Find words to express what they felt at a certain moment.

Ignoring and Frustration

What can happen next? Zakhari White, a specialist in communications in the medical and social spheres, suggests thinking about the importance of reaction and support precisely at the moments when people share such pleasant “trifles” with each other.

What answers can we encounter?

  • “Yes, but this does not mean that he is getting better”.
  • “I’m sure you are not exaggerating? It was definitely a smile?”
  • “Why do you write this to me when I’m at work? That in this special?”
  • Ο οργασμός είναι ένα σημαντικό συστατικό του σεξ, αλλά μπορεί να μετατρέψει τον στόχο του εναντίον σας. Υπάρχουν πολλοί λόγοι για τους οποίους ένα άτομο δεν μπορεί να αισθανθεί την αιχμή της ευχαρίστησης – λήψη cialis γενόσημο τιμη ναρκωτικών, αλκοόλ, κόπωσης ή στρες. Η πίεση στον συνεργάτη που σχετίζεται με τον οργασμό θα τον κάνει να αισθάνεται στο πιάτο του.

We are desperately waiting for support, we want the interlocutor to be glad with us, but we are faced with something completely different and as a result we are left alone with ourselves. Without contact. Without attention. We and our impulse ignored. Bad and shocking news usually meet with attention – especially in medical institutions and in the field of patient care. Probably because everyone knows how difficult and inconvenient to report something unpleasant.

The absence of answers makes us feel torn from our own experience, distorts our reality

The inability to openly share good, albeit insignificant, news with family, friends and colleagues can lead to destructive consequences. This situation does not meet our expectations and changes the attitude to others.

  • “If they cannot rejoice with me good moments, then they can appreciate at all?”
  • “If they do not understand how important it is for me, then do they know who I know?
  • “If they cannot admit the importance of what I tell them, are they really my friends?”

When our good news meet in silence, neglect or even rejection, this does not just change our attitude towards others. The lack of answers in such situations can make us feel torn from our own experience, distorts our reality.

To continue to take care, it is necessary to find opportunities to openly live the positive moments of our experience

We cannot completely ignore the opinions of others, and if that good that is happening to us is underestimated by others, we are less likely to benefit from it and remember it.

We will continue to exchange smiles with a loved one, but we will no longer consider this moment worthy to share. And if we do not share our experience, this will entail the consequences, reminds White. You can see a common smile, but not remember, because we are not allowed to tell in detail about what it means to us.

Those who care for the sick are especially often faced with such situations. To continue to take care of those who need us, it is necessary to find opportunities to openly live the positive moments of our experience.

Collective proximity

Sharing good news, we do not just convey the facts to others. The collective recognition of pleasant events creates bonds of intimacy, deepening relations with others. That is why it is so important when others notice and comment on our reality, speaking in response:

  • “It’s so cool! What did you feel when the baby smiled at you?”
  • “I am so glad that you felt each other”.
  • “What you do is very important and necessary for people!”

At such moments, proximity is born. Our good news now is not only our. “This type of collective proximity helps to understand that, although others may not be physically with us, they are always our co -authors in the formation of experience,” explains Zakhari White. – So they support us in the most significant and difficult experiences. “.






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